Like it or not, we’re fighting the germ war of our lives right now. But, we have a solution. The Bacoban™ solution!

Actually we always have been but a pandemic like this current one raises it to the next level. There is now heightened awareness amongst the general public about the contamination risks that almost every surface presents out in the public arena.

We can clean almost any place where people work or gather together.

Technology allows us to clean our built environment much faster and more effectively than we used to be able to as new biocides and cleaning methods have been developed to make something mainstream – previously this was a highly specialised cleaning technique for clean rooms, the food processing industry and hospitals. But not any more.






No matter what business you’re in, or what service you provide our cleaning services will help you protect your workforce or people gathering together

Long lasting advanced antimicrobial technology by Bacoban™ is the solution you hadn’t realised had been invented! Protection against bacteria is more important than ever as microorganisms evolve, and antibiotics become less effective. Kaizen Cleaning Services significantly reduces the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould and yeast. Our innovative technology will last up to 30 days on treated surfaces. We use an advance manufacturing process to provide long-lasting bonding capabilities.

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Safe to use anywhere. Safe even for our skin.

The Kaizen Cleaning Service used Bacoban™ which is water-based and free from harmful chemicals . It’s safer for aquatic organisms and less likely to cause skin and eye irritation. It’s safer for you, your staff and your customers, whilst being deadly to a wide range of pathogens.

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People are going to want piece of mind that our schools, workplaces and public areas are safe… just say Bacoban™!

Whether we are travelling on public transport, visiting a gym, going shopping, eating at a restaurant, or sending our children to school – we can provide a clean, and safe from harm environment. Killing Viruses, cleaning, and sanitising.

Why use Kaizen Clean Virus Protection Services? Here are 3 good reasons...


Safe cleaning

Advances in biocidal technology now mean that our cleaning service is safe to use anywhere. Water-based, alcohol free, no nasty chemicals anywhere.


Quick to apply

A typical supermarket can be done in a matter of 2 – 3 hours, a small suburban Gym around 15-20 minutes, a hotel room – 5 minutes or less.



No matter what type of business you’re in, the best solution is to avoid and prevent the potential spreading of any germs, keeping your workforce working and safe.

Efficacy reassurance – approved for medical use and now can protect your business

Kaizen Cleaning Services conform to regulations from around the world and has passed EN13697, EN1276, EN1650 amongst many more antimicrobial efficacy tests. All lab test results are available on request. Our service is is transparent provided by an honest publicly-listed business and we’re here to help.

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We’re leaders in antimicrobial cleaning and protection services.

The germ-killing ingredient used with our Bacoban™ cleaning services has been trusted within critical-hygiene environments for decades (aerospace for example). Our unique manufacturing and activation process gives it its advanced functionality and ensures the active keeps killing for long periods of time. We offer a protective barrier on top of routine cleaning where there is a risk of infection.

Kills Viruses and bacteria in 5 minutes and protects for a further 30 days.

Destroys the CoronaVirus
Destroys Bacteria
Clean Anywhere
Make areas safe for everyone